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1.RULES: These rules will remain in effect through out the current tournament year unless specifically superseded by State or local law.  Any changes will be at the discretion of KTT Staff and will NOT be changed on a scenario basis. Kansas Team Trail herein after referred to as KTT. Interpretation of these rules shall be left exclusively to the KTT Tournament Committee. Protests and rule violations must be reported in writing within thirty (30) minutes after the official closing of the weigh scales. Decisions of the KTT Tournament Committee shall be final in all matters and are not subject to appeal. All KTT rules apply from 1st light on official tournament fishing day and until the conclusion of weight-in.

2. ELIGIBILITY: Participation in the tournaments will be by entries. Entry must be received and approved by the KTT Tournament Committee. Anglers must be a current member in good standing of KTT, and paid the appropriate membership and entry fees. Anglers under the age of 18 must fish with a parent or guardian and submit the appropriate release form. KTT has the right to refuse any entries received. The Membership must be validated before anglers can compete in any KTT events. Participants must hold a valid fishing license for the event lake and abide by all state and local regulations. A team is defined as two (2) anglers. One substitution member is allowed per team. 

3. ENTRY FEES & DEADLINES: Entry fees shall be: $150 per Team and will include Big Bass of $20. Entry deadline for each tournament is the Monday prior to the tournament date.  A blind draw for take-off position will be performed the Wednesday prior to the tournament.  We will post the boat order by Thursday AM prior to the tournament. Entry fees may be transferred to another tournament in the same year but are not refundable.  Deadline to withdraw from a tournament and have fees transferred to another tournament is the deadline date of the Monday prior to the tournament date.  Any late entries received after the deadline or the morning of the tournament must be paid in cash and include an additional $25 late fee.  After the deadline to enter, all entrants will be counted as participants for that tournament and entry fees will be included in that event. All competitors must fill out a W-9 tax form prior to fishing the tournaments (one time). Failure to fill out the W-9 will result in all your winnings being held by KTT until the form is completed and received.

4. INSURANCE: Boat owners must have at least $300,000.00 of Boating Liability Insurance and have a copy of their insurance, showing liability coverage and a valid date of the policy.

5. BOATS & MOTORS: Any boat, 16 feet or longer, powered by a motor between 40 hp and 250 hp, with a lanyard style kill switch, and meeting all KTT requirements, will be acceptable. All boats must meet all Coast Guard and State requirements for the location of the tournament lake; no over-powered boats. A proper Coast Guard yellow plate must be permanently mounted on all boats. “Stick Steering” will not be allowed. Each boat must have a functioning bilge pump and live-well space, properly aerated, capable of keeping alive one limit of fish per team. Any vessel deemed “unsuitable” by the KTT Tournament Director will not be allowed to participate.

6. SAFETY: Safe boating must be observed at all times. Each contestant is required to wear a Coast Guard approved personal floatation device. This device must be snapped, buckled and/or zipped while the boat is on plane during participation in a KTT tournament. All boats must be equipped with an ignition shut-off device (kill switch) securely attached to the boat operator while the boat is on plane during participation in a KTT tournament. At the discretion of the Tournament Committee, tournament days may be shortened or cancelled due to unsafe weather or water conditions. Alcoholic beverages or any controlled substances (this includes marijuana) not prescribed by a doctor are not allowed during tournament fishing hours or during weigh-in. Alcohol may be consumed after your team has weighed in as long as you do not have any protests (if alcohol is consumed your protest is forfeited) and local state rules are abided by. Any violation can be cause for disqualification and/or revocation of KTT membership.

7. SPORTSMANSHIP: All contestants are required to follow the highest degree of sportsmanship, courtesy, angling etiquette and conservation. Contestants will conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, KTT, sponsors and the sport of tournament fishing. Any words, conduct or actions reflecting unfavorably upon efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition and compliance with tournament rules will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification and/or revocation of membership. During official tournament hours, including pre-fish day(s), contestants may not obtain or receive assistance from non-competitors, follow a non-competitors’ boat or participate in the practice of “hole-sitting.”

8. COMMUNICATION: The use of mobile communication devices such as cellular phones, marine radios, walkie-talkies, CBs, etc., to communicate fishing locations or fishing information during tournament hours is strictly prohibited. During the practice and competition days, contestants may not solicit and/or receive fishing information from anyone except confirmed KTT tournament anglers and other public available information. The purchasing of information or hiring of services will not be permitted after the start of the off limits period, practice and competition.

9. TACKLE, EQUIPMENT & DIP NETS: Only artificial baits or lures may be used. Pork-style baits are allowed. Use of multi-lure rigs is allowed in KTT events as long as the use of that rig does not violate regulations at a specific location. All bass must be caught on a rod and reel. Only one rod and reel may be in use by a competitor at any time. Intentionally snagging fish is not permitted. Trolling as a method of fishing is not allowed. Landing nets are allowed to assist in landing fish, however, culling nets in livewell are not allowed.

10.PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Contestants may fish anywhere on tournament waters accessible by boat, except areas designated as "off limits", “no boats”, “keep out”, “restricted” or "no fishing" (or similar language or markings intended to restrict public access) by state or federal officials, or within 50 yards of a competitor's boat which was first anchored. An anchored boat is a boat held in a stable position by a line attached to a weight or by a Power Pole or similar shallow water anchor with the trolling motor in the up position. The act of moving Bass from one area of the lake to another confined area of the same lake at any time, whether or not during official practice days or competition days, is not permitted.

11. SPECIAL SITUATIONS: Contestants must not depart the boat to land fish or to make the boat more accessible to fishing waters. In such an emergency, one (1) competitor may be removed from their boat, with the Team’s catch, to a boat operated by other competitors or an officially designated rescue boat and must return immediately to the weigh-in area and notify the Tournament Director. The other Team member may remain with the disabled boat if conditions permit and safety is not compromised. IN CASES OF EMERGENCY CALL 911 AND THEN CONTACT THE KTT TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR.

12. MEETING, LAUNCH & INSPECTION: We will not have a Pre-Tournament meeting.  Boat inspection procedures will take place the morning of the tournament at a well lite area near the ramp.  Please arrive early to be inspected, be staged for launch and to receive your boat number. If a contestant team is unable to be in the staging area 30 minutes prior to take-off they are encouraged to contact the KTT emergency number and may lose boat position. 

13. OFFICIAL CHECK POINT: There will be only one site for check-out in the morning and check-in in the afternoon. At the time of morning inspection, all competitors must be in full compliance of all rules set forth by the Tournament Committee. All boats shall identify themselves at the check-in site by means of boat number and proceed IMMEDIATELY to the designated weigh-in area. All fishing must cease upon checking in, disqualification will result for fishing after checking in. Failure to check-out in the morning or to check-in at the check-in point will result in disqualification.

14. QUALITY ASSURANCE TESTING: By contestant’s signatures on a KTT entry form and participation in KTT tournaments, contestants agree to quality assurance testing and will abide by its conclusions. These tests may include all or any part of the following: polygraph examination, urinalysis, or blood tests. Refusal to submit or failure to pass any quality assurance test will result in disqualification. Quality assurance tests will be used at the sole discretion of the KTT and the determination of the meaning of the results will be made solely by KTT. Anglers taking quality assurance tests may be responsible for any and all costs involved.

15. LATE PENALTY: Contestants not at the designated check-in site by the official designated time will be penalized one (1) pound for each minute late up to a maximum of ten minutes (10 pounds.) Penalized weight will be deducted from the total weight of the team’s creel. If the maximum of ten minutes is exceeded, contestants will forfeit all weight/points for that day’s competition, but will still receive the participation points for that tournament.

16. TIES: Ties will be broken by: 1) Big Bass, 2) Total number of fish weighed in, 3) Total number of live fish weighed in. If a tie still exists, monies and points will be split evenly.

17. KTT CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFYING 2017:  Teams must fish 4 out of the 5 regular season events to qualify for the championship.  KTT reserves the right to allow up to two additional teams to the championship at their discretion.  Substitutions are not allowed to fish the Championship.

18. SIGNATURES: Every contestant must sign the release waiver, W-9 tax form and fully completed entry prior to each tournament.

19. KNOWLEDGE OF THESE RULES IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: By submitting a signed entry form to KTT events, contestants acknowledge that they have read and understand all rules and regulations of the KTT. Failure to read these rules or ignorance of these rules is no excuse. Any violation of these rules may be grounds for disqualification from all future KTT events. Any announcement made by the KTT Tournament Committee at tournament sites takes precedence over written rules.

20. OTHER KTT EVENTS: Other bass tournaments and events conducted by KTT are by invitation only. Payback, prizes and other awards in these events do not represent nor replace the above KTT tournaments.

21. FISH CARE; At no time is it legal to cull a dead or dying fish. Meaning if a fish has been in your live-well and is “belly up” and/or discolored, that fish must be weighed in. Dead fish, including big bass, may be weighed in but a 1 pound penalty per dead fish will be acquired to the total bag weight. If big bass is dead, the 1 pound penalty will be assessed to the big bass weight as well as the total bag.

22. SUBSTITUTIONS: Each team may use up to one (1) substitution during the season. The substitution must be a paid member of KTT and must fish only with the team they are registered with throughout the season. A team is permitted to fish solo and not use a substitution as long as the full entry fee is paid.   

23. TEAM OF THE YEAR: Teams take the best (4) four tournaments out of the (5) five regular season tournaments to total their score.  The team who finishes the season with the most points from their best (4) four tournaments win Team of the Year.